Takeuchi TL130 Loader Service Manual

Takeuchi TL130 Loader Service Manual


Takeuchi TL130 Service Repair Manual – 754 Pages
Takeuchi TL130 Service Repair Manual – 158 Pages
Parts Manual – 495 Pages
Engine Manual for TL130 4TNE98-TBL – 118 Pages

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Takeuchi TL130 Compact Loader Service Manual

Type: Loader TL130
Format: PDF
Language of the Manual: English

Takeuchi TL130 Service Manual – 754 Pages
Takeuchi TL130 Service Manual – 158 Pages
Parts Manual – 495 Pages
Engine Manual for TL130 4TNE98-TBL – 118 Pages

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The manual describes operation, service, repair and maintenance of the Loader, as well as safety instructions that should be follow.

The Takeuchi TL130 manual is intended for persons who engage in maintenance operations, and explains procedures for disassembly and reassembly of the machine, check and maintenance procedures, maintenance reference values, troubleshooting and outline specifications, etc. Please use this Takeuchi manual for Loader TL130 as a reference in service activities to improve maintenance techniques.
Please note that the contents and diagrams included in this manual may not match your machine exactly.

Items or diagram which manual contains are subject to change without notice due to design modifications, etc. Always store the Takeuchi Loader manual near at hand preferably on the machine itself. When transferring ownership of this machine, be sure to provide the owner manual to the next owner.

Table of Content of TL130 Instructions Manual:

Inspection Every 2000 Hours

(1) Coolant water path flushing and maintenance
Rust and water scale will accumulate in the cooling system through many hours of operation. This lowers the engine cooling effect. Oil coolers (attached to turbocharged engines and some of naturally aspirated engines) quickly deteriorate the lube oil. The cleaning and maintenance of the following parts are necessary in accordance with the coolant water replacement.
Cooling system parts: radiator, cooling water pump, thermostat, cylinder block, cylinder head, oil cooler.

(2) Fuel pipe and coolant water pipe inspection and maintenance
Regularly check the rubber hoses of the fuel system and cooling water system. If cracked or degraded, replace them with new one. Replace the rubber hoses at least every 2 years even if 2,000 hours doesnt come.
(3) Intake/exhaust valve seat lapping

The adjustment is necessary to maintain proper contact of the valves and seats. Refer to 4.2.6 in Chapter 4.
(4) Fuel injection timing adjustment / Fuel injection pump inspection and adjustment The fuel injection timing and the fuel injection pump are adjusted so that engine performance may become the best condition. As for the inspection and adjustment of the fuel pump, it is based on the service manual of the MP pump of the separate volume. The fuel injection timing is adjusted by the following procedure.
As for the engine, which adopts a MP type fuel injection
pump, the fuel injection angle i (note) is adjusted for the
fuel injection timing adjustment.


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