Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent asked questions

As a buyer the main options to pay for the manual you purchased are:

  • PayPal
  • Credit or debit card

You can pay securely through PayPal, The Repair Manual won’t receive sensitive financial information like your credit card or bank account number.

Paypal is our preferred method of  Payment and it is the most secure way for you to pay for your products.

We also accept the below credit card:

✔ Visa
✔  MasterCard
✔  American Express
✔  Other International recognise credit card

Our payment solution aims to accept as many credit cards as possible.

We do not charge for shipping  as all orders are sent electronically through email within 24 hours. A message will be sent to your phone number confirming we dispatch your order in case you are from the United States or Canada.

Once you purchased a manual from our website – The Repair Manual you will immediately received an automatic email with subject ” Your order has been received!” which will contain your order number and the detailed transaction.

During the past year, on average we shared the manuals purchased within 30 minutes after payment.

However, due to time difference there might be some delay from our side to share the manual. We will always  provide the manual within a maximum of 12 hours after your purchase.

You should received an email with subject “Your order is now completed” where we provide you with the download link of the manual.

Usually the email is sent to the email provided during registration or when you filled the checkout billing form.

NOTE: In case we received a bounce back from your email we will send you the manual to your Paypal email. If both email are incorrect we will wait for you to contact us. 

Delivery times are based on the date of order and the manual are sent within a maximum of 1 business day.

Please go to the Order Tracking page to track your order. Enter your Order ID and Email address and press the “Track” button.

The Order ID is provided by email when you placed an Order.

Check your Spam, Junk or Promotions folder (or even the deleted items folder) as you are likely to find your confirmation emails in one of these folders.

This is a common query that we receive from customers who have Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and similar POP email accounts.

Why? Because these email accounts often have an automatic spam filter that hides emails sent from any retail website.

If you have checked these folders and it is still missing, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Remember, all our eBook are sent electronically only, and we do not send out a printed version of your purchases.

We send all eBooks to the email address you provide us, so check your email to ensure that the email address is correct.

When the address you have provided us is incorrect you need to inform us of your correct email address and we will be re-sent the manual to the correct address.

All manuals are in PDF format. You can open them on your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile.

Further to that all manuals are fully zoomable and can be printed without restrictions.

If you are having any technical difficulties either opening or downloading the manuals you purchased. Please contact us with your Order ID we will be happy to assist you.

Usually when the size of the manual is greater than 10MB we will send you a download link (Dropbox) to download the manual. In case you are you are having trouble opening or downloading the manual please follow the below step:

Step 1: Open your browser in incognito/private mode (Chrome or Firefox)
Note: If there are multiple files and you would like to download all at once, Only Step 1 and Step A & B are applicable (Scroll below)

To do so right click on your browser icon in the taskbar and click on either  “New incognito window” for Chrome or “new private window” for Firefox.

Firefox                                                                 Chrome


Step 2: Copy the URL (link)  provided via email and paste it in the browser Search Box and press ENTER

Step 3. Hover your mouse pointer over the file you want to download, and then open it.

Step 4. Click on “Download”.

Optional: You can also view the file online at this point by scrolling. However something due to the file size some manual show blank pages or takes time to load. Therefore it best to download it offline.

Step 5.  Click again on download, your file will start downloading automatically.

In case there are multiple files and you would like to download all at once:

Step A: Click on Download as shown below

Step B: Close the Pop Up and your files will start automatically downloading.

Note: When there are multiple files Dropbox will download them in .zip format.

In case you are still having trouble to open or download the manual please send us an email.

  • Download Failed
    Download will usually failed when you have a poor connection or some kind of connection issue on your end. This could be an actual issue with your internet service, or some kind of application that’s interfering with the download, and causing it to time out.
    You can always reach out to us to provide an alternative link or we will compress the file and share a new link.
  • Unable to access Dropbox page
    Please send us an email at support@therepairmanual.com and we will provide you an alternative link with another storage provider.

Regarding Download Links:
All links (DROPBOX OR GOOGLE DRIVE) remain active live for a period of 6 months from the date you placed the order. After this period, the download links are automatically deleted.

First Request – After 6 Months up to 1 Year from Purchase date:
If you lose your manual within the first year since you bought it, no worries! You’re entitled to one free replacement. It stays available for upto one year from your purchase date. Just shoot us an email with your order ID or the email you used during checkout, and we’ll send you a new copy without any extra charges.

Second Request and Requests After 1 Year:
Now, if you’ve already received the free replacement or it’s been more than a year since your purchase, getting another copy means purchasing it again. Thanks for understanding!

Please go to our FAQ Download section to check how to store the manual offline.