Doosan DX235LCR-5 Excavator Service Manual


Doosan DX235LCR-5 Excavator Service Repair Manual – 1362 Pages

Format: PDF
Language: English
Publication No: 950106-01109E
Serial Number: 1001 and Up


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Doosan DX235LCR-5 Excavator Service Manual

Doosan Excavator DX235LCR-5
Format: PDF
Language: English
Publication No: 950106-01109E
Serial Number: 1001 and Up

Doosan DX235LCR-5 Excavator Service Manual – 1362 Pages

How to Use The Doosan DX235LCR-5 Excavator Guide Manual:

This manual provides information for servicing the DX235LCR-5 Doosan Excavator. All service procedures are broken down into detailed steps, listed in their recommended sequence. The manual uses both photographs and drawings to help locate and itemize components. The table of Contents on the preceding pages is your best tool for finding the service procedure you need. Be certain to observe all Safety information included in these pages.

A schematic of each of the major engine systems is provided at the beginning of the section of the manual devoted to troubleshooting and repairing that particular system.

Basic safety precautions are list in the Safety section of the Doosan DX235LCR-5 Excavator Service Manual. Additional safety precautions are list in the Safety section of the owner/operation/maintenance publication. Specific safety warnings for all these publications are provided in the description of operations where hazards exist. WARNING labels have also been put on the product to provide instructions and to identify specific hazards.

DOOSAN DX235LCR-5 Instruction Table of Content:

1 Track Excavator Maintenance Safety
General Maintenance
1 General Maintenance Instructions
2 Standard Torques
Upper Structure
1 Cabin
2 Counterweight
3 Oil Tank
4 Fuel Tank
5 Main Pump
6 Drive Coupling (Main Pump)
7 Main Control Valve
8 Swing Device
9 Joystick Valve (Work Lever)
10 Dozer Joystick Valve
11 Travel Control Valve (with Damper)
12 Solenoid Valve
13 EPPR Valve (One or Two Way)
14 Accumulator
15 Gear Pump (Rotating)
16 One Spool Valve (Rotating)
Lower Structure and Chassis
1 Swing Bearing
2 Center Joint
2 Center Joint (Dozer)
4 Travel Device
5 Track Assembly
6 Dozer System
1 Boom and Arm
2 Bucket
3 Cylinders
Hydraulic System
2 Hydraulic System Testing and Adjustment
3 Hydraulic System Troubleshooting
9 Electrical System 1 Electrical System
1 One Way
2 Two-way
3 Rotating
4 Quick Coupler

Doosan DX235LCR-5 Manual Instruction Extract:

Replacement of Spool

Doosan Dx235lcr-5 Excavator Service Manual1. Removing Pilot Cap
Unfasten the two bolts for the pilot cap with a L-wrench (5mm) and remove the cap along with the washer.
(You can remove either of them.)

2. Removing Spool
After fixing the main body and removing the return spring and the spring seat first, pull the spool in the horizontal direction (parallel to the spool hole) to remove it from the main body.
Too much impressed force for disassembly may damage the spool. When the spool is stuck, therefore, push it back smoothly and try to pull the spool while rotating it.
While removing the spool, check which end has the mark.

3. Assembling Spool
Insert the spool into the fixed main body. (Overloaded force may damage the main body or the spool. When the spool is stuck, pull it back and press it smoothly while rotating it.)
Check the direction of the mark, identified during the disassembly operation.
Assemble the spring seat and the spring.

4. Assembling Pilot Cap (on Return Spring Side) Cover the pilot cap on the return spring of the spool, previously assembled to the main body, and fasten it with two bolts at the specified standard torque using a torque wrench (5mm). Check if there is the O-ring on the contacting surface.
• Torque: 10.8 N.m (1.1 kg.m, 8 ft lb)


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