Case 680 Loader Backhoe Service Manual


Case 680 Loader Service Manual – 458 Pages

Publication Number: 9-77442
August 1977
Format: PDF

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Case 680 Loader Manual

Loader Model: 680
Publication Number: 9-77442
August 1977
Format: PDF

Case 680 Loader Service Manual – 458 Pages

Manual Table of Content:

  1. General
  2. Engines
  3. Fuel System
  4. Hydraulics
  5. Steering
  6. Power Train
  7. Brakes
  8. Electrical
  9. Mounted Equipment

Manual Extract: Governor and Throttle Linkage

The Spark Ignition Engine is equipped with a sensitive variable speed fly weight type governor. The weights are carried on the camshaft gear and the governor sleeve thrust bearing assembly slides on the machined forward end of the camshaft, Figure 4M-1
Governor lubrication is accomplished by a drilled oil passage from the front camshaft bushing. A grease fitting is provided for lubricating the two governor lever shaft needle bearings carried in the timing gear cover cap, Figure 4M-2.

The action of the governor is simple and if its operation is understood, adjustment and servicing will present no problems.


It is the function of the governor to maintain a uniform engine speed when changes in load are encountered. The governor accomplishes this by maintaining a balance between the force of the governor weights and the opposing force of the governor spring Figure 4M-2 tension. Binding or wear in the governor linkage, weights, sleeve or thrust bearing upsets this balance and causes sluggish governor action.


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