Komatsu PC210LC-10 Excavator Service Manual

Komatsu PC210LC-10 Excavator Service Manual


2 Service Repair Manual each of 1710 Pages for Komatsu Excavator PC210LC-10

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Komatsu PC210LC-10 ExcavatorService Manual

Manual for Komatsu Excavator PC210LC-10
Language: English
Publication: CEBM026702 and SEN05842-01
Format: PDF

Komatsu PC210LC-10 Excavator Service Manual consist of 1710 Pages (Serial number 450001 and up)
Komatsu PC210LC-10 Excavator Service Manual consist of 1710 Pages (Serial number A10001 and up)

The Manual is divided into major sections covering various components of the machine.

Table of Content of the Komatsu Excavator PC210LC-10 Manual:

00 Index and foreword
01 Specification
10 Structure and function
20 Standard value tables
30 Testing and adjusting
40 Troubleshooting
50 Disassembly and assembly
60 Maintenance standard
80 Appendix

This section lists the general machine dimensions, performance specifications, component weights, and fuel, coolant and lubricant specification charts.

This section explains the structure and function of each component. It serves not only to give an understanding of the structure, but also serves as reference material for troubleshooting.

This section explains checks to be made before and after performing repairs, as well as adjustments to be made at completion of the checks and repairs. Troubleshooting charts correlating Problems to Causes are also mention in this section.

KOMATSU Excavator PC210LC-10

This section explains the order to be followed when removing, installing, disassembling or assembling each component, as well as precautions to be taken for these operations.

In the disassembly section, the work procedures, precautions and know-how to do the work, and the amount of oil and coolant to be drained are described.
• Common tools that are necessary for the disassembly work are indicated as [1], [2] … etc.
and their part numbers, part names, and quantities are not described.
• Marks used in the disassembly


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