Komatsu D41S-3 and D41Q-3 Dozer Service Manual


Service Repair Manual of 456 Pages for Komatsu Dozer Bulldozer D41S-3 and D41Q-3

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Komatsu D41S-3 and D41Q-3 Dozer Service Manual

This Manual is applicable to the Komatsu Dozer Bulldozer D41S-3 and D41Q-3 Model
Language: English
Publication: sebm0125b04
The Service Manual consist of 456 Pages

The Manual is divided into major sections covering various components of the machine.

Table of Content of the Komatsu Dozer D41S-3 and D41Q-3 Manual:

– General
– Engine
– Power Train
– Undercarriage
– Hydraulic System
– Work Equipment
– Others

1. General Instructions
This section presents under one heading the basic information and procedures common to the sections on “Disassembly and Assembly”, “Testing and Adjustments”, “Troubleshooting”, and “Removal and Installation”. It is essential for the serviceman to thoroughly understand and know this section till it becomes a part of his common sense.

2. Structure and Function.
This section gives a detailed explanation of the “Structure” with details and drawings of the “Constituent Parts” and “block” or “circuit” diagrams, arranged for the serviceman, but also useful as a textbook for training service personnel. The Training Aids should is use to cover the basic theory in this Komatsu D41S-3 and D41Q-3 Dozer Manual.

3. Testing and Adjustments.
Procedures of all the necessary “Tests” and “Adjustments” are describe with photographs showing the necessary measuring equipment and the location for making the measurements. This should aid the serviceman in his trouble shooting, checking and adjusting work.

4. Troubleshooting
Typical common troubles are listed and systematically described; with their causes and the procedures for finding and diagnosing the symptoms.
As it is impossible to list all of the possible troubles, the serviceman should study the sections covering the “Structure and Function” and “Testing and Adjustments” and apply this knowledge to diagnose any non-listed troubles.

5. Manual Specifications for Komatsu D41S-3 and D41Q-3 Dozer
In this section, all standard dimensions and tolerances that are necessary to perform Testing and Adjustments is mention with drawings together with, appropriate procedures for disassembly and assembly, performing repairs, or troubleshooting. However, basic dimensions and tolerances, for repairs or rebuilding, are limited to those machine parts most commonly worked on.


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