Ford F150 Pickup Repair and Service Manual for Year: 1997 to 2000


This Ford F150 Manual is 1864 Pages

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Ford F150 Year: 1997, 1998,1999, 2000 Manual

Manual for Ford F150
Language: English
Format: PDF
Engine Manual included for F150 4.2L, 7.3L, 7.5L
This Ford F150 Manual is 1864 Pages

Table of Content of the F150 Manual

Maintenance Light Reset
Man Trans Overhaul
Manual Trans Service
Power Mirrors and Seat
Power Steering and Windows
Rear Differential
Rear Suspension
Shift Interlock
Starter Diesel
Starter Gasoline
Steering Column Switches
Steering Knuckles
Traction Lok
Transfer Case
Vacuum Diagram
Wiper Washer
4.2l Engine Performance
4.2l Engine
7.3l Engine
7.3l Turbo
7.5l Engine
Antilock Brakes 4wd
Antilock Brakes
At Service 4r70w
At Service E40d
Auto Trans 4r70w
Auto Trans Overhaul E40d
Basic Trouble Shooting
Cabin Air Filter
Cooling System
Cruise Control
Door Locks
Drive Shaft
Electrical Component Locator
Electronic Suspension
Front Drive Axle
Front Suspension 2wd and 4wd
Generator Mitsubishi
Generator Motorcraft
Heater System
Instrument Panel
Limited Slip 10.25
Locking Hubs

Manual Extract F150 BRAKE BOOSTER

Vehicles are equipped with a vacuum booster. Vehicles may use either a single or dual-diaphragm vacuum booster. The single and dual-diaphragm (tandem) vacuum boosters are self-contained, vacuum power brake units. Booster assists in actuating master cylinder push rod.
Booster contains either a single or dual vacuum-suspended diaphragm which uses engine manifold vacuum or atmospheric pressure for power. Diesel models use a belt-driven vacuum pump to provide vacuum for booster actuation.

A mechanically-operated booster check valve controls power brake application and release in relation to foot pressure applied to check valve operating rod. Booster check valve is the only serviceable component of brake booster assembly.

An equalizer valve links 2 chambers of brake booster. When valve opens, vacuum in chambers can equalize.
When it closes, chambers are separated. A vacuum bleed valve functions to reduce amount of vacuum in chamber “B” when boost is required. See Fig. 1 .
F Super Duty uses a Hydro-Boost system. Hydro-Boost is hydraulically operated by power steering pump and provides a variable power assist regulated by brake pedal pressure. Hydro-Boost has a reserve system (compressed gas accumulator) which stores enough fluid under pressure to provide at least 2 power-assisted brake applications if power steering pump fluid flow stops. Brakes can also be operated manually if reserve system is lost.


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