Case 1221F Wheel Loader Service Manual


Case 1221F Loader Service Manual – 682 Pages

Publication Number: 47544213
1st edition
August 2013
Format: PDF

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Case 1221F Loader Manual

Loader Model: 1221F
Publication Number: 47544213
1st edition
August 2013
Format: PDF

Case 1221F Loader Service Manual – 682 Pages

Manual Table of Content:

  • Foreword
  • Contents
  • General
  • Engine
  • Power Train System
  • Brake and Fan System
  • Steering System
  • Work Equipment
  • Electrical System
  • Electrical Schematics


The power train consists of the following components:
-Front, center, rear and upper drive shafts
-Front and rear axles

Engine power is transmitted to the transmission through the torque converter.
The transmission is a hydraulically engaged four speed forward, three speed reverse countershaft type power shift transmission. A calliper-disc type parking brake is located on the front axle.
The transmission outputs through universal joints to three drive shaft assemblies. The front drive shaft is a telescoping shaft which drives the front axle. The front axle is mounted directly to the loader frame.
The front axle is equipped with hydraulic lock differential.

The rear axle is mounted on an oscillating pivot. The rear axle is equipped with conventional differential.
The power transmitted to front axle and rear axle is reduced by the pinion gear and ring gear of differential. It then passes from the differential to the sun gear shaft (axle shaft) of final drive.
The power of the sun gear is reduced by a planetary mechanism and is transmitted through the planetary hub to the wheel.

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