AGCO Allis 9735, 9745 Tractors Service Manual


Format: PDF
Part number 79017531

AGCO 9735 and 9745 Service Manual: 511 Pages



AGCO Allis 9735, 9745 Tractors Service Manual

Manual for: AGCO ALLIS Tractor 9735 and 9745
Format: PDF
Part number 79017531

AGCO 9735 and 9745 Service Manual: 511 Pages

AGCO Allis 9735 and 9745 Manual TABLE OF CONTENTS

  • Introduction
  • Splitting The Tractor
  • Engine
  • Clutch
  • Gearbox
  • Rear Axle
  • Power Take Off
  • Front Axle
  • Hydraulics
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Electronic Transmission Control
  • Cab 

The AGCO Manual Preface

The purpose of this tractor manual is to assist dealers and repair serviceman in efficient repair and maintenance of the AGCO farm machinery. Carrying out the procedures as detailed, together with the use of any special tools needed.

Using the AGCO Allis 9735, 9745 Manual Content

To make information easier to find, there is an index at the beginning of each section listing the various parts in that section. At the beginning of each part there is a table of contents which should also be used as a guide to locate information.

To assist with locating information, each section of the manual is preceded by a contents page listing the repair operations, Each instruction within an operating has a sequence number. To complete the operation in the minimum time is possible follow the manual guideline and repair instructions.

When parts have to be replaced in either the 9735 tractor or the 9745 tractor , it is essential that only genuine AGCO parts should be used. Special attention should be paid to the following points concerning repairs and the fitting of replacement parts and accessories.

For convenience the manual is divided into section and parts, each page bearing a section and part number. The sections are subdivided into numbered operation. This simplifies cross referencing and enable the subject to be found easily.

The sections on repair times are identical to those in the workshop manual.



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