DEUTZ Engine Euro 2 Series 1000 Workshop Service Manual


Engine Manual : 170 Pages

Format: PDF
Book Number: 307.1103.3.5 (72290130)



DEUTZ-FAHR SERIES 1000/3-4-6 cylinders

Format: PDF
Book Number: 307.1103.3.5 (72290130)

Engine Manual : 170 Pages

• During disassembly and assembly operations, observe all the safety and accident prevention measures prescribed by EEC Directives; in particular, do not use improvised or worn tools, wear fuel and oil resistant gloves, do not allow any spilt oil or grease to remain on the floor – clean it up straight away, wear suitable clothing, shoes with non-slip soles, etc.

• If splashed with oil or fuel, change your clothing and wash thoroughly any contaminated parts of the body.
• Dispose of all lubricants, fuel, gaskets, oil seals and any other items considered as special waste in a proper manner in accordance with the applicable regulations.

• The disassembly, assembly and inspection operations described in this manual refer to engines that have been removed from the vehicle and/or industrial assembly and mounted on a suitable engine stand.
• Before fixing the engine to the stand, ensure that all apertures (intake, exhaust, turbocharger, air compressor, fuel and oil filler holes, etc.) are covered and clean the engine thoroughly.
Use steam or pressurized hot water for general cleaning and then paraffin or degreasing agents to remove any particularly stubborn dirt.
After cleaning, dry the engine with a low-pressure air jet (2-3 bar) and protect all machined parts with a thin film of lubricant or anti-corrosion product.

• Before fixing the engine to the stand, remove all accessories that could prevent fixing to the stand and those which would be impossible to remove once the engine is mounted on the stand (flexible coupling, starter motor, flywheel, flywheel cover, fan, rear oil seal).

• The disassembly and assembly operations described in this manual refer to a 4-cylinder engine; except for the specific shape and dimensions of a few external parts (e.g., rocker covers, inlet and exhaust manifolds, fans, etc.) and the presence of certain internal assemblies (e.g. harmonic balancer), the instructions given apply to all versions.
Any differences regarding calibration data or parts are indicated with the notes «For versions with……….. cylinders only» or «W – WT – WTI versions».
• The engine type codes indicate:
W =water cooled
T = turbocharger
I = Intercooler
N° = engine version
• Before disassembly of engines for overhaul of the injection pump, injectors or cams, first determine the basic technical data (engine type, serial number, injection pump type, injector type, static injection advance angle) by following the procedures indicated in the first pages of this manual and referring to the section «TECHNICAL DATA AND DIMENSIONS».


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