Takeuchi TW65 Wheel Loader Service Manual

Takeuchi TW65 Wheel Loader Service Manual


Takeuchi TW65 Service Repair Manual – 308 Pages
Takeuchi TW65 Operators Manual – 84 Pages
Parts Manual – 117 Pages

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Takeuchi TW65 Wheel Loader Service Manual

Type: Loader TW65
Format: PDF
Language of Manual: English

Takeuchi TW65 Service Manual – 308 Pages
Takeuchi TW65 Operators Manual – 84 Pages
Parts Manual – 117 Pages

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The manual describes operation, service, repair and maintenance of the Loader, as well as safety instructions that should be follow.

The Takeuchi TW65 manual is intended for persons who engage in maintenance operations, and explains procedures for disassembly and reassembly of the machine, check and maintenance procedures, maintenance reference values, troubleshooting and outline specifications, etc. Please use this Takeuchi manual for Loader TW65 as a reference in service activities to improve maintenance techniques.
Please note that the contents and diagrams included in this manual may not match your machine exactly.

Items or diagram which manual contains are subject to change without notice due to design modifications, etc. Always store the Takeuchi Loader manual near at hand preferably on the machine itself. When transferring ownership of this machine, be sure to provide the owner manual to the next owner.

Table of Content of TW65 Instructions Manual:


Before operating, perform the prescribe inspections and make repairs immediately should any irregularities be found. If a failure that causes loss of control such as steering, service brakes or engine occurs, stop the machine motion as quickly as possible, follow the shutdown procedure, and keep machine securely park until the problem is fixed.

Extract from the Service Manual:

Draining oil from the hydraulic oil tank and filling new hydraulic oil
• Drain off the hydraulic oil from the hydraulic oil tank, refer to chapter Draining hydraulic oil.
• Fill approx. 60 liters of the new hydraulic oil, approved by the wheel loader manufacturer, or biological oil.
Draining oil from the hydraulic circuit
The hydraulic oil in the hydraulic circuit and its components and lines must be rinsed out and drained off.

• Carry out rinsing of the hydraulic circuit with the utmost care to ensure no contamination or residual oil remains.
• Place sufficient oilpans underneath the pump set.
• Open the T-connection (tank line) T below the thermostat on the travel pump 1.1 and drain the oil.
• Clear up any escaping oil immediately with cleaning cloths.
• Dispose of the drained hydraulic oil according the directives of the respective country
• Then drain the hydraulic oil out of the loading circuit cylinders, refer to chapter Venting the loading circuit following repairs.
• Fill the new hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil tank.


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