Takeuchi TB285 Compact Excavator Service Manual


Takeuchi TB285 Service Repair Manual – 513 Pages
Takeuchi TB285 Operating Manual – 259 Pages
Parts Manual for TB285 – 385 Pages

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Takeuchi TB285 Compact Excavator Service Manual

Type: Excavator TB285
Format: PDF
Language of the Manual: English

Takeuchi TB285 Service Manual – 513 Pages
Takeuchi TB285 Operating Manual – 259 Pages
Parts Manual for TB285 – 385 Pages

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The manual describes operation, service, repair and maintenance of the excavator, as well as safety instructions that should be follow.

The Takeuchi TB285 manual is intended for persons who engage in maintenance operations, and explains procedures for disassembly and reassembly of the machine, check and maintenance procedures, maintenance reference values, troubleshooting and outline specifications, etc. Please use this Takeuchi manual for excavator TB285 as a reference in service activities to improve maintenance techniques.
Please note that the contents and diagrams included in this manual may not match your machine exactly.

Items or diagram which manual contains are subject to change without notice due to design modifications, etc. Always store the Takeuchi excavator manual near at hand preferably on the machine itself. When transferring ownership of this machine, be sure to provide the owner manual to the next owner.

Table of Content of TB285 Instructions Manual:


Before operating, perform the prescribe inspections and make repairs immediately should any irregularities be found. If a failure that causes loss of control such as steering, service brakes or engine occurs, stop the machine motion as quickly as possible, follow the shutdown procedure, and keep machine securely park until the problem is fixed.

Extract from the Service Manual:

Air Conditioner Use and Precautions
• To avoid excessive forces being applied to the compressor, turn ON the air conditioner after starting the engine. Turn ON the air conditioner when the engine is idling smoothly.
• When using the air conditioner in the blazing sun, open a window a while to replace the interior air before turning on the air conditioner.
• Smoking while using the air conditioner may lead to pain in the eyes. If this occurs, slightly open a window to allow clean air to enter from outside. Cigarette smoke can be extremely irritating if the mucus membranes of the eyes become dry when the humidity
drops during cooling.
• Window glass tends to become cloudy during periods of high humidity. This can be remedied by using the air conditioner and opening or closing windows, as appropriate.
• Mist blown out of the outlets is due to water droplets condensing in humid air as is passes through the evaporator.

Handling the Air Conditioner
(1) When using air conditioner after a long period of non-use
•1. Air Conditioner Inspection and Maintenance Table Perform the air conditioner inspections.
(2) If air conditioner is not used for a long period Charge with the rated volume of refrigerant gas for the air conditioning cycle.
• Run the air conditioner while the engine is idling once or twice every two or three weeks for five to ten minutes to prevent loss of oil in the compressor or air conditioner cycle parts. Do not suddenly accelerate the engine while the air conditioner is running.
(3) If air conditioner is not used
Turn the air conditioner switch and fan switch to the OFF position.


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