NEF Tier 4B Final and Stage IV Engine Service Manual


Part number 48076871
1st edition English
November 2016

Service Manual Number of Pages: 575 Pages

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NEF Tier 4B Final and Stage IV Service Manual

Engine Manual for NEF Tier 4B
Part number 48076871
1st edition English
November 2016

Service Manual Number of Pages: 575 Pages

Applicable model:

F4DFE4131*B001, F4DFE4131*B002, F4DFE4131*B007, F4DFE4131*B008,
F4DFE4132*B001, F4DFE4132*B002, F4DFE4132*B005 , F4DFE4132*B006,
F4DFE4133*B001, F4DFE4133*B002, F4DFE4133*B007 , F4DFE4133*B008,
F4DFE4134*B001, F4DFE4134*B002, F4DFE4134*B005 , F4DFE4134*B006,
F4DFE413R*B001, F4DFE413S*B001, F4DFE413T*B001, F4DFE413U*B001,
F4DFE414B*B001 , F4DFE414C*B001 , F4DFE414D*B001 , F4DFE414E*B001 ,
F4DFE6132*B001, F4DFE6132*B007 , F4DFE613B*B001, F4DFE613B*B002,
F4DFE613B*B003, F4DFE613B*B005, F4DFE613B*B006, F4DFE613H*B001,
F4DFE613H*B002, F4DFE613H*B003, F4DFE613J*B001, F4DFE613J*B002,
F4DFE613J*B003, F4DFE613J*B005, F4DFE613J*B006, F4DFE613K*B001,
F4DFE613K*B002, F4DFE613K*B003, F4DFE613K*B004, F4DFE613K*B006,
F4DFE613K*B007, F4DFE613K*B008, F4DFE613L*B001, F4DFE613M*B001,
F4DFE613M*B002, F4DFE613M*B003, F4DFE613N*B001, F4DFE613N*B002,
F4DFE613N*B003, F4DFE613N*B005, F4DFE613N*B006, F4DFE613P*B001,
F4DFE613P*B002, F4DFE613P*B003, F4DFE617L*B002, F4DFE617M*B001,
F4HFE413H*B001, F4HFE413H*B002 , F4HFE413L*B001, F4HFE413M*B001,
F4HFE413N*B001, F4HFE413P*B001, F4HFE413V*B001, F4HFE413W*B001,
F4HFE413X*B001, F4HFE413Y*B001, F4HFE6133*B001, F4HFE6133*B003,
F4HFE6135*B001, F4HFE6136*B003, F4HFE6137*B003, F4HFE613A*B001,
F4HFE613A*B002, F4HFE613B*B001, F4HFE613B*B002, F4HFE613B*B003,
F4HFE613B*B005, F4HFE613B*B006, F4HFE613C*B001, F4HFE613C*B002,
F4HFE613C*B004, F4HFE613C*B006, F4HFE613D*B001, F4HFE613D*B006,
F4HFE613D*B007, F4HFE613E*B001, F4HFE613E*B005, F4HFE613F*B001,
F4HFE613F*B002, F4HFE613F*B004, F4HFE613G*B001, F4HFE613G*B002,
F4HFE613H*B001, F4HFE613H*B003, F4HFE613J*B001, F4HFE613J*B002,
F4HFE613J*B004, F4HFE613J*B005, F4HFE613K*B001, F4HFE613K*B002,
F4HFE613R*B001, F4HFE613R*B002, F4HFE613R*B005, F4HFE613R*B006,
F4HFE613S*B001, F4HFE613S*B002, F4HFE613S*B003, F4HFE613S*B004,
F4HFE613T*B001, F4HFE613T*B002, F4HFE613T*B005, F4HFE613T*B006,
F4HFE613U*B001, F4HFE613U*B002, F4HFE613W*B001, F4HFE613W*B002,
F4HFE613W*B003, F4HFE613W*B005, F4HFE613W*B006, F4HFE613X*B001,
F4HFE613Y*B001, F4HFE613Y*B002, F4HFE613Y*B003, F4HFE613Z*B001,


    • Foreword – Important notice regarding equipment servicing
    • Safety rules
    • Safety rules – Ecology and the environment
    • Basic instructions – Shop and assembly
    • Torque – Minimum tightening torques for normal assembly
    • Engine and crankcase
    • Cylinder heads
    • Pan and covers
    • Crankshaft and flywheel
    • Connecting rods and pistons
    • Valve drive and gears
    • Pump Drives
    • Fuel filters
    • Fuel injection system
    • Turbocharger and lines
    • Intake and exhaust manifolds and muffler
    • Engine lubrication system
    • Engine cooling system
    • Oil cooler and lines
    • Fan and drive
    • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) exhaust treatment
    • Fuel injection system
    • Engine cooling system
    • Engine oil system
    • Engine intake and exhaust system
    • Engine control system
    • Engine starting system

Diesel Engine Certification Tier Chart



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