NEF Tier 4B Final and Stage IV Engine Service Manual

NEF Tier 4B Final and Stage IV Engine Service Manual


Part number 48076871
1st edition English
November 2016

Service Manual Number of Pages: 575 Pages

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NEF Tier 4B Final and Stage IV Service Manual

Engine Manual for NEF Tier 4B
Part number 48076871
1st edition English
November 2016

Service Manual Number of Pages: 575 Pages

Applicable model:

F4DFE4131*B001, F4DFE4131*B002, F4DFE4131*B007, F4DFE4131*B008,
F4DFE4132*B001, F4DFE4132*B002, F4DFE4132*B005 , F4DFE4132*B006,
F4DFE4133*B001, F4DFE4133*B002, F4DFE4133*B007 , F4DFE4133*B008,
F4DFE4134*B001, F4DFE4134*B002, F4DFE4134*B005 , F4DFE4134*B006,
F4DFE413R*B001, F4DFE413S*B001, F4DFE413T*B001, F4DFE413U*B001,
F4DFE414B*B001 , F4DFE414C*B001 , F4DFE414D*B001 , F4DFE414E*B001 ,
F4DFE6132*B001, F4DFE6132*B007 , F4DFE613B*B001, F4DFE613B*B002,
F4DFE613B*B003, F4DFE613B*B005, F4DFE613B*B006, F4DFE613H*B001,
F4DFE613H*B002, F4DFE613H*B003, F4DFE613J*B001, F4DFE613J*B002,
F4DFE613J*B003, F4DFE613J*B005, F4DFE613J*B006, F4DFE613K*B001,
F4DFE613K*B002, F4DFE613K*B003, F4DFE613K*B004, F4DFE613K*B006,
F4DFE613K*B007, F4DFE613K*B008, F4DFE613L*B001, F4DFE613M*B001,
F4DFE613M*B002, F4DFE613M*B003, F4DFE613N*B001, F4DFE613N*B002,
F4DFE613N*B003, F4DFE613N*B005, F4DFE613N*B006, F4DFE613P*B001,
F4DFE613P*B002, F4DFE613P*B003, F4DFE617L*B002, F4DFE617M*B001,
F4HFE413H*B001, F4HFE413H*B002 , F4HFE413L*B001, F4HFE413M*B001,
F4HFE413N*B001, F4HFE413P*B001, F4HFE413V*B001, F4HFE413W*B001,
F4HFE413X*B001, F4HFE413Y*B001, F4HFE6133*B001, F4HFE6133*B003,
F4HFE6135*B001, F4HFE6136*B003, F4HFE6137*B003, F4HFE613A*B001,
F4HFE613A*B002, F4HFE613B*B001, F4HFE613B*B002, F4HFE613B*B003,
F4HFE613B*B005, F4HFE613B*B006, F4HFE613C*B001, F4HFE613C*B002,
F4HFE613C*B004, F4HFE613C*B006, F4HFE613D*B001, F4HFE613D*B006,
F4HFE613D*B007, F4HFE613E*B001, F4HFE613E*B005, F4HFE613F*B001,
F4HFE613F*B002, F4HFE613F*B004, F4HFE613G*B001, F4HFE613G*B002,
F4HFE613H*B001, F4HFE613H*B003, F4HFE613J*B001, F4HFE613J*B002,
F4HFE613J*B004, F4HFE613J*B005, F4HFE613K*B001, F4HFE613K*B002,
F4HFE613R*B001, F4HFE613R*B002, F4HFE613R*B005, F4HFE613R*B006,
F4HFE613S*B001, F4HFE613S*B002, F4HFE613S*B003, F4HFE613S*B004,
F4HFE613T*B001, F4HFE613T*B002, F4HFE613T*B005, F4HFE613T*B006,
F4HFE613U*B001, F4HFE613U*B002, F4HFE613W*B001, F4HFE613W*B002,
F4HFE613W*B003, F4HFE613W*B005, F4HFE613W*B006, F4HFE613X*B001,
F4HFE613Y*B001, F4HFE613Y*B002, F4HFE613Y*B003, F4HFE613Z*B001,


    • Foreword – Important notice regarding equipment servicing
    • Safety rules
    • Safety rules – Ecology and the environment
    • Basic instructions – Shop and assembly
    • Torque – Minimum tightening torques for normal assembly
    • Engine and crankcase
    • Cylinder heads
    • Pan and covers
    • Crankshaft and flywheel
    • Connecting rods and pistons
    • Valve drive and gears
    • Pump Drives
    • Fuel filters
    • Fuel injection system
    • Turbocharger and lines
    • Intake and exhaust manifolds and muffler
    • Engine lubrication system
    • Engine cooling system
    • Oil cooler and lines
    • Fan and drive
    • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) exhaust treatment
    • Fuel injection system
    • Engine cooling system
    • Engine oil system
    • Engine intake and exhaust system
    • Engine control system
    • Engine starting system

Diesel Engine Certification Tier Chart



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