Massey Ferguson 1235 Tractor Service Manual


Massey Ferguson 1235 Tractors Workshop Manual – 244 Pages

Format PDF
Type: Workshop Manual
Publication No: 14449566M1


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Massey Ferguson 1235 Tractor Manual

Model: Tractor 1235
Format PDF
Type: Workshop Manual
Publication No: 14449566M1

Massey Ferguson 1235 Tractors Workshop Manual – 244 Pages

Manual Table of Content 

General Information
Functional Blocks
Engine Accessories
Rear Axle and Brakes
Front Axle
Steering System
Hydraulic System
Service Standards

Rear Transmission Oil & Filters

Rear transmission oil lubricates the transmission, center housing, rear axles, and also serves as hydraulic fluid.
Rear transmission oil and filters should be changed/ cleaned after first 50 hours of operation and then every 200 hours thereafter.

To Check Transmission Oil Level – Park Tractor on level ground and remove dipstick, 1. Oil level should be indicated between upper limit mark, A, and end of dipstick, B.

Oil level is replenished, as necessary, by removing filler plug, 2, and adding oil through filler opening.

NOTE: Adding oil to transmission will also maintain correct oil level in center housing and rear axles.



To Replace Rear Transmission Oil – Remove drain plug, 3, along with second drain plug below mid PTO gearbox, and final drive plugs, 4, one each axle.

Completely drain oil from system.
IMPORTANT: Completely lower three-point hitch prior to draining transmission oil.
When completely drained replace and tighten all drain plugs. Service hydraulic and hydrostatic filters, as required, and then refill with oil as outlined above. Air bleed system.

Transmission filter, 5 must also be cleaned when oil is replaced. With oil drained. Remove retaining bolt, 6. Withdraw filter from left side of rear transmission case.

Clean filter in solvent or kerosene, dry thoroughly and reinstall. Make sure seal is not damaged.
Apply sealant to threads on drain plug(s) and reinstall.
Refill system with clean oil to level as detailed.


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