Kobelco SK210LC-6E Excavator Service Manual


Manual for: Excavator SK210LC-6E
Format: PDF
Publication 873606553NA

Kobelco SK210LC-6E Excavator Technical Manual: 1170 Pages

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Kobelco SK210LC-6E Excavator Service Manual

Manual for: Excavator SK210LC-6E
Format: PDF
Publication 873606553NA

Kobelco SK210LC-6E Excavator Service Manual: 1170 Pages



The Kobelco SK210LC-6E Preface Instructions

Read and understand all Warning plates and decal on the machine before Operating, Maintaining or Repairing this machine. The Kobelco SK210LC-6E Excavator Manual has been written for the repair specialist. The serviceman or mechanic may be unfamiliar with many of the systems on this machine. This makes it important to use this manual and be caution when performing service work.

Please go carefully through the Shop Manual of the Excavator before starting any repair work. Use proper lifting procedures when removing any components. Be careful when removing filler caps, breathers and plugs on the machine. Hold a rag over the cap or plug to prevent being sprayed or splashed by liquids under pressure. The danger is even greater if the machine has just been stopped because fluids can be hot.

Use the Shop/Service Manual of the SK210LC-6E Excavator as a reference book and source of information even if you are familiar with Excavator technology. Using the Workshop Manual, the experience construction machine mechanic can carry out any necessary repairs expertly.

Sections of the SK210LC-6E Excavator Manual

How to Index each Service manual section. The General of his Service Manual consists of 8 heading as shown above. Each section can easily referred to by indexes appended to the margin of the page as indicated on the right.

REPAIR and Parts

Carry out any necessary repair work as soon as possible.This reduces repair costs and increases the availability of your Excavator. When doing any work on the Excavator, always observe the instructions given in the Manual. Do not operate this machine unless you have read and understand the instructions in the SERVICE MANUAL. Improper machine operation is dangerous and could result in injury or death.


The following notes apply to the North American Kobelco SK21 0LC-6E Minor Change Excavator Service Manual.
1. KCMA references Kobelco Construction Machinery America. KCMA machines are Manufactured in Calhoun, Georgia USA.
2. Current KCMA information is found in this First Section (Part A) of this Service Manual.
This section is derived from the latest KCMA Technical Training Manual and includes current KCMA Electrical and Hydraulic Schematics.
3. The Second Section (P/N S5YN0014E) of this Service Manual contains Shop Manual Information for excavators that are manufactured for OCEANIA (Middle Eastern), ASIA and KCME (Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe), including information for several models; SK200(LC)-6E, SK210(LC)-6E and SK210NLC-6E.
4. Many of the machine components in the Second Section (P/N S5YN0014E) are common with KCMA machines; therefore the Service Information is applicable.
5. Some of the Shop Manual references to Serial Numbers, Part Numbers, Bucket Information, Tool Information, Engine Specifications and Standard Maintenance Working Time Tables specified in the Second Section (P/N S5YN0014E) may not apply to KCMA machines.
6. Use the applicable Current KCMA Parts Book for correct KCMA Part Numbers.


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