Kobelco LK650 II Wheel Loader Service Manual


Manual for: Wheel Loader LK650 II
Format: PDF
Book Code No S5RE0004E

Kobelco LK650 II Wheel Loader Technical Manual: 576 Pages

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Kobelco LK650 II Wheel Loader Service Manual

Manual for: Wheel Loader LK650 II
Format: PDF
Book Code No S5RE0004E

Kobelco LK650 II Wheel Loader Service Manual: 576 Pages

Table of Content

– Operations
– Main Component
– Maintenance Standards
– Working Standards

This Manual is prepared as a technical material in which the information necessary for the maintenance and repairing services of our LK650 II Kobelco Wheel Loader

The Section Safety and General information describes the specifications for entire machine and mater, which are instructive for replacement and repairing. Maintenance describes the material, which is helpful for maintenance service and adjustments for entire machine. System describes the operating system like hydraulic system, electric system, components, and so on.

The Section Disassembly describes the removal and installing of assembly mounted on the upper structure and undercarriage, and the assembling and disassembling of the associated hydraulic equipment. Troubleshooting describes how to find the fault of the LK650 II .


The following list of basic precautions must be take when doing any repairs:
(1) Read and understand all Warning plates and decal on the machine before Operating, Maintaining or Repairing this machine.

(2) Always wear protective glasses and protective shoes when working around machines. In particular, wear protective glasses when using hammers, punches or drifts on any part of the machine or attachments. Use welders gloves, hood/goggles, apron and the protective clothing when you do welding. Do not wear loose fitting or torn clothing.

Remove all rings from fingers, loose jewelry, confine long hair and loose clothing before working on this machinery.

(3) Disconnect the battery and hang a “Do Not Operate” tag in the Operators Compartment. Remove ignition keys.

(4) If possible, make all repairs with the machine parked on a firm level surface. Block the machine so it does not roll while working on or under the machine. Hang a “Do Not Operate” tag in the Operators Compartment.

The Kobelco LK650 II Manual Preface

The LK650 II Wheel Loader Manual has been written for the repair specialist. It provides important information on carrying out repair work expertly. Please go carefully through the Workshop Manual of the Wheel Loader before starting any repair work. Use the Workshop Manual of the LK650 II Wheel Loader as a reference book and source of information even if you are familiar with Wheel Loader technology. Using the Workshop Manual, the experience construction machine mechanic can carry out any necessary repairs expertly.

Sections of the Manual

The Manual is into main groups and subgroups, and covers any previous version of the machine. Any additions or modifications which can happen at a later date are not describe in this manual. The required information can easily be found by referring to the table of contents. For reasons of clarity, some of the illustrations are presented in simplified form. Differences from the actual version at the LK650 II Wheel Loader are therefore possible if this adds to the clarity of the information.

Do not operate or perform any maintenance on this LK650 II Wheel Loader until all instructions found in the OPERATORS MANUAL and this MANUAL have been thoroughly read and understood.


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