Kobelco K903C Excavator Service Manual


Manual for: Excavator K903C
Format: PDF
Publication S5LE0003E01

Kobelco K903C Excavator Technical Manual: 396 Pages

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Kobelco K903C Excavator Service Manual

Manual for: Excavator K903C
Format: PDF
Publication S5LE0003E01

Kobelco K903C Excavator Service Manual: 396 Pages



The Kobelco K903C Preface Instructions

Read and understand all Warning plates and decal on the machine before Operating, Maintaining or Repairing this machine. The Kobelco K903C Excavator Manual has been written for the repair specialist. The serviceman or mechanic may be unfamiliar with many of the systems on this machine. This makes it important to use this manual and be caution when performing service work.

Please go carefully through the Shop Manual of the Excavator before starting any repair work. Use proper lifting procedures when removing any components. Be careful when removing filler caps, breathers and plugs on the machine. Hold a rag over the cap or plug to prevent being sprayed or splashed by liquids under pressure. The danger is even greater if the machine has just been stopped because fluids can be hot.

Use the Shop/Service Manual of the K903C Excavator as a reference book and source of information even if you are familiar with Excavator technology. Using the Workshop Manual, the experience construction machine mechanic can carry out any necessary repairs expertly.

Knowledge of operating procedure
Read Operator’s Manual carefully to understand the operating procedure.
(2) Cleaning machines
Remove soil, mud, and dust from the machine before bringing it into the service shop to prevent loss of work efficiency, damage of parts, and difficulty in rust prevention and dust protection while reassembling.
(3) Inspecting machines
Identify the parts to be disassembled before starting work. Determine the disassembling procedure, considering the workshop situations etc., and order necessary parts in advance.
(4) Recording
Record the following items to keep contact and prevent malfunction from recurring.
1. Inspecting date, place
2. Model name, Serial number and Record on hour meter 3. Trouble condition, place, cause
4. Visible oil leak, water leak and damage
5. Clogging of filters, oil level, oil quality, oil contamination and looseness.
6. Examine the problems on the basis of monthly operation rate with the last inspection date and records on hour meter.
(5) Arrangement and cleaning in service shop
1. Tools required for repair work.
2. Prepare the places to put the disassembled parts.
3. Prepare oil pans for leaking oil, etc.



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