Kobelco K903-II Excavator Service Manual


Manual for: Excavator K903-II
Format: PDF
Publication S5LE0004E01

Kobelco K903-II Excavator Technical Manual: 554 Pages

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Kobelco K903-II Excavator Service Manual

Manual for: Excavator K903-II
Format: PDF
Publication S5LE0004E01

Kobelco K903-II Excavator Service Manual: 554 Pages



The Kobelco K903-II Preface Instructions

Read and understand all Warning plates and decal on the machine before Operating, Maintaining or Repairing this machine. The Kobelco K903-II Excavator Manual has been written for the repair specialist. The serviceman or mechanic may be unfamiliar with many of the systems on this machine. This makes it important to use this manual and be caution when performing service work.

Please go carefully through the Shop Manual of the Excavator before starting any repair work. Use proper lifting procedures when removing any components. Be careful when removing filler caps, breathers and plugs on the machine. Hold a rag over the cap or plug to prevent being sprayed or splashed by liquids under pressure. The danger is even greater if the machine has just been stopped because fluids can be hot.

Use the Shop/Service Manual of the K903-II Excavator as a reference book and source of information even if you are familiar with Excavator technology. Using the Workshop Manual, the experience construction machine mechanic can carry out any necessary repairs expertly.

This is the shop manual for KOBELCO hydraulic excavator model K903-II. Contained is the necessary technical data concerning the maintenance and repair of this model. The manual is. divided into the following four major sections; GENERAL, SYSTEMS, COMPONENTS and PROCEDURE.
The GENERAL Section deals with general specifications, operation and troubleshooting, etc. Further details regard ing Systems, Components and Procedure may be found in each respective section.
The SYSTEMS Section includes descriptions specific to the mechanism of each system, each system’s relation to other systems, and procedures for repair, maintenance, removal and installation.
In the COMPONENTS Section is information concerning the construction, function, disassembly and assembly of this model. Maintenance standards for each component are also covered in detail.
The PROCEDURE Section contains instructions regarding the installation of optional parts and subsequent necessary modifications.

When checking or repairing the machine we suggest that you refer to this manual carefully. We hope that reference to this manual will help to maintain a high level of working efficiency and reliability. For further details on maintenance and checks refer to the “OPERATORS MANUAL” which has been supplied with the machine.
Although all data was correct at the time of printing, due to continual design changes and improvements, some contents may not conform to the actual machine. Take special care to order parts only after confirming the validity of the parts number in the “PARTS MANUAL”.



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