Drott 50 Crawler Excavator Series D Service Manual


Drott 50 Series D Excavator Service Manual – 234 Pages

Publication Number: S406252M1
Format: PDF

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Drott 50 Series D Excavator Manual

Excavator Model: 50 Series D
Publication Number: S406252M1
Format: PDF

Drott 50 Series D Excavator Service Manual – 234 Pages

Manual Table of Content:

  1. General
  2. Scheduled Preventive Maintenance
  3. Mechanical System
  4. Electrical
  5. Hydraulic
  6. Troubleshooting
  7. Component Disassembly and Repair
  8. Torque Charts and Schematics

This manual is designed to serve as a guide in maintaining and servicing the DROTT 50 Crawler, Series “D”. All components and systems are included, with the exception of the engine which is covered In the engine manufacturer’s manual supplied with each machine.

The manual Is divided Into six sections, preceded by a general section on safety, machine description and serial number Information.

A separate section entitled “Scheduled Preventive Maintenance” Is provided to cover all components which require periodic maintenance. Refer to this section whenever performing ·normal maintenance.
It includes a Maintenance Schedule, Component Capacities, Hydraulic System Operating Pressures, Maintenance Chart and Maintenance Details.

The Service section is divided into three general areas • Mechanical, Electrical and Hydraulic.
Included in the Service section is general descriptive and operational Information to provide a basic understanding of each system and Its components.
All disassembly and repair information is contained in the last section of the manual and arranged in the general sequence established in the service section, i.e. Mechanical, Electrical and Hydraulic.
Troubleshooting charts for all the systems are contained in a separate section (See Section 5).

Torque Charts and Schematic Drawings of the Electrical and Hydraulic systems are located In back of this manual for easy reference when
troubleshooting the machine.
If further service information is required, contact your nearest DROTT dealer or Service
Representative for assistance.


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