Case M4K Forklift Service Manual


Case M4K Forklift Service Manual  – 1181 Pages

Publication Number: 8-15541
November 1992
Format: PDF

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Case M4K Forklift Manual

Forklift Model: M4K
Publication Number: 3930010764237
November 1992
Format: PDF

Case M4K (MHE 237) Forklift Service Manual  – 1448 Pages

This service manual has been prepared with the latest service information available. Troubleshooting, removal, disassembly, inspection and installation procedures, and complete specifications and tightening references can be found in most sections. Some sections have drawings but no written procedure because the job is so easily done. This service manual is one of the most important tools available to the service technician.

Table of Contents
A Table of Contents is in the front of this manual. The Table of Contents shows the main divisions and the sections that are in each division. The individual sections, where necessary, have a Table of Contents on the second page of that section.

Page Numbers
All page numbers are made of two numbers separated by a dash, such as 4002-9. The number before the dash is the section number. The number following the dash is the page number in that section. Page numbers will be found at the upper right or left of each page.

Illustration and Photos
Illustrations are put as near as possible to the test and are to be used as part of the test. Photos normally are put below the step to which they apply.


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