Case CX45B, CX50B, CX55B Series 2 Mini Excavator Service Manual


Case CX45B Series 2 , CX50B Series 2, CX55B Mini Excavator Service Manual – 1143 Pages

Publication Number: 47574282B
March 2014
Format: PDF

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Case CX45B, CX50B, CX55B Mini Excavator Manual

Mini Excavator Model: CX45B Series 2, CX50B Series 2, CX55B
Publication Number: 47574282B
March 2014
Format: PDF

Case CX45B, CX50B, CX55B Mini Excavator Series 2 Service Manual – 1143 Pages

Manual Table of Content:

  1. Content
  2. Introduction
  3. Engine
  4. Hydraulics System
  5. Frames and Ballasting
  6. Tracks and Track Suspension
  7. Cab Climate Control
  8. Electrical System
  9. Booms, dippers and buckets
  10. Dozer Blade and Arm
  11. Platform, cab, bodywork and decals
  12. Special Tools Index

Manual Extract: Stacked control valves

1. All hydraulic equipment is machined in precision and consequently the clearance of each part is very small.
Therefore when disassembling and assembling, place the machine in the clean area to prevent it from the entry of dust, earth and sand.
2. Before disassembly, prepare the valve construction drawing to understand the construction clearly.
3. When removing the control valve from the machine, never forget to cap every port to prevent dust, etc from entering. And before disassembly, recheck that every post is capped and clean the outer surface of the assembly.

The work should be carried out on the appropriate work bench which is covered by clean paper or rubber mat.
4. When it is required to leave it in the removed condition, apply rust preventives or seal them to protect them from rusting.
5. The control valve should be transported or moved holding the main body. Especially, after removing the pilot cover, carefully handle it paying attention not to touch the exposed surfaces.
6. Even when the movement is not smooth, never strike it.

7. In addition, after assembly of equipment, various tests {relief setting, leak test, flow resistance (pressure loss) test} are required, but these tests require hydraulic test equipment. Therefore, don’t remove the equipment which is impossible to adjust through respective test, even if the disassembly is possible technically.


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