Case 780B Loader Backhoe Service Manual


Case 780B Loader Service Manual – 1524 Pages

Publication Number: 9-69310
October 1982
Format: PDF

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Case 780B Loader Manual

Loader Model: 780B
Publication Number: 9-69310
October 1982
Format: PDF

Case 780B Loader Service Manual – 1524 Pages

Manual Table of Content:

  1. General
  2. Engines
  3. Fuel System
  4. Electrical
  5. Steering
  6. Power Train
  7. Brakes
  8. Hydraulics
  9. Mounted Equipment

Manual Extract: Circuit Relief and Check Valve Hose Connections Removal

1. Park the machine on a level surface.
2. Raise the loader bucket.
3. Put the loader strut into position.
4. Apply the parking brake. Stop the engine.
5. Remove the left and right side panels from the engine compartment.

6. If a vacuum pump is available, connect the vacuum pump to the hydraulic reservoir to keep the hydraulic fluid in the hydraulic reservoir. If a vacuum pump is not available, do the following steps:
a. Slowly loosen the fill cap for the hydraulic reservoir to release any air pressure.
b. Remove the fill cap from the hydraulic reservoir.
c. Put a clean container under the drain plug for the hydraulic reservoir. The hydraulic reservoir holds approximately 19 U.S. gallons (72 litres) of hydraulic fluid.
d. Remove the drain plug from the hydraulic reservoir and drain the hydraulic reservoir.

7. Disconnect the hoses from the check valves and the circuit relief valve. Put identific;ation tags on the hoses.
8. Install caps and plug on the hoses and fittings to prevent contamination of the hydraulic system.
9. Remove the nuts, lockwashers, washers, and bolts that hold the circuit relief valve to the mounting bracket.
10. Remove the check valves and circuit relief valve from the machine.


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