Case 1150 Crawler Dozer Service Manual


Case 1150 Dozer Service Manual – 942 Pages

Publication Number: 9-72483
September 1976
Format: PDF

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Case 1150 Crawler Dozer Manual

Dozer Model: 1150
Publication Number: 9-72483
September 1976
Format: PDF

Case 1150 Dozer Service Manual – 942 Pages

Manual Table of Content:

  1. General
  2. Engines
  3. Fuel System
  4. Electrical System
  5. Track System
  6. Power Train
  7. Btakes
  8. Hydraulic System
  9. Mounted Equipment

Manual Extract

Before making any repairs or adjustments on an engine, a mechanic or technician must properly diagnose the trouble,
Locating the trouble and repairing it is only part of the job, a technician must find and eliminate the cause of the trouble as well.
Too many repairs are made with- no thought to removing the causes that made the repair necessary.
For any engine to start or perform properly, three main requirements must be present.
1. Fuel
When any of these requirements are not present or limited by any mechanical reason the engine will not start or fails to operate properly throughout the power range.

1. FUEL. Fuel system problems can be present anywhere from the fuel tank, through the filters and injection pump as well as the injectors.
Correct injection pump timing is important in the overall fuel system performance.

2. COMPRESSION. Compression on an engine is related to the “breathing function”.
Proper compression is affected by the air cleaner condition, muffler restriction, valve condition and operation including proper valve adjustment, cylinder head gaskets condition of sleeves, rings, pistons, camshaft, and camshaft timing.

3. IGNITION. Ignition is the result of adequate compression to develop enough heat in the air charge on the compression stroke to fire the fuel being injected into the engine cylinders.
Proper spray pattern and atomization of the fuel by the injector is very important. Timing the fuel injection pump to the engine to a precise degree BTDC is a vital requirement for proper ignition.

The engine diagnosis contained in the following pages covers many trouble symptoms, the causes, and what will be necessary to repair or eliminate the problem. Under each symptom are listed the most common and reoccurring problems progressively to the not so common problems. Locate your problem symptom in the diagnosis chart and ref er to the pages listed for the probable causes and remedies.



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