Cameco 2254 Loader Repair Service Manual


Brand: Cameco
Model: 2254
Format: PDF
Language: English
Type: Service Repair Manual

Cameco 2254 Loader Service Repair Manual : 304 pages



Cameco 2254 Loader Repair Service Manual

Brand: Cameco
Model: 2254
Format: PDF
Language: English
Type: Repair Service Manual

Cameco 2254 Loader Repair Service Manual : 304 pages

Read result this in manual carefully to learn how to operate and service your machine correctly. Failure to do so could result in personal injury or equipment damage.

This manual should be considered a permanent part of your machine and should remain with the machine when you sell it.
Measurements in this manual are given in both customary U.S. units and metric equivalents. Use only correct replacement parts and fasteners. Inch and metric fasteners may require a specific inch or metric wrench or socket.
Right hand and left hand sides are determined by facing in the forward direction of travel.

When a service person or mechanic is unfamiliar with all systems on this tractor, extra caution should be used when performing service work. A good working knowledge of the system and its components is important for removal or disassembly. The following is a list of basic precautions that should always be observed.

1. Make sure that you read and understand all warning plates and decals before lubricating or
performing other maintenance.
2. Always wear protective glasses and footwear when working. In particular, wear safety glasses when pounding on any part of the machine or attachments with a hammer. Use protective clothing when welding. Do Not wear any loose fitting or torn clothing. Remove all rings from fingers before working on equipment.
3. Before starting work on the machine, disconnect battery and hang this DO NOT START sign in the operation station.

Table of Content Sections of the Cameco 2254 Loader Repair Service Manual:

Table of contents
Safety recommendations
Torque specifications
Fluid recommendations
General information
Service points
Hydrostatic system
Hydrostatic pump
Fwd/rev foot pedal
Front axle motor
Rear motor repair
Main hydraulic system
Pump repair
Directional control valve
Cylinder repair
Relief valve
Steering system
Brake system
Operator s station
Four wheel torque hub
Electrical system
Two wheel / four wheel drive
Control valves


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