Mitsubishi Diesel Engines DO3CJ and DO4CJ Manual


Engine Model: DO3CJ and DO4CJ
Format PDF

Service Manual – 243 Pages



Mitsubishi Diesel Engines DO3CJ and DO4CJ Service Manual

Engine Model: DO3CJ and DO4CJ
Format PDF

Service Manual – 243 Pages

Manual Table of Content 

1. General
2. Service Data
3. Service Tool
4. Disassembly of Basic Engine
5. Inspection and Repair
6. Assembly
7. Fuel System
8. Lubrication
9. Cooling System
10. Inlet and Exhaust Systems
11. Electrical System
12. Adjustment and Operations

This service manual describes the maintenance and adjustment procedures, and specifications for Mitsubishi diesel engines.
To maintain the performance of the engine for many years and to ensure safe operation, it is important to use the engine correctly and conduct scheduled inspection and maintenance, and it may also be necessary to take appropriate measures which involve in disassembly, inspection, repair and assembly work of the engine and engine parts.

Read through this manual carefully and understand the work procedures fully before disassembling, inspecting, repairing or assembling the engine.

This service manual consists of several chapters, which will give you quick references to specifications, maintenance standards, adjustment and service procedures including practices to disassemble, inspect, repair, and assemble the Mitsubishi diesel engines.

A short summary describing the contents of each chapter is given in the CHAPTER INDEX page, and there is also a detailed table of contents at the beginning of each chapter.
Regarding the procedures for operation and scheduled maintenance of the engine, refer to the Operation and Maintenance Manual.

For information on the engine components and ordering of service parts, refer to the Parts Catalogue. Structure and function of the engine are described in the relevant training manuals.
If you have an inquiry, please check the engine model and serial number, and contact our service department.



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