Kubota BX24, LA240, BT601 Tractor Loader Workshop Manual

Kubota BX24, LA240, BT601 Tractor Loader Workshop Manual


Publication: 9Y121-13571
Format: PDF
Language: English
Kubota BX24, LA240, BT601 Tractor Workshop Manual – 421 Pages

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Kubota BX24, LA240, BT601 Tractor Loader Workshop Manual

Kubota Tractor Model BX24, LA240, BT601
Publication: 9Y121-13571
Format: PDF
Language: English
Kubota BX24, LA240, BT601 Tractor Workshop Manual – 421 Pages

Table of Content of the Workshop Service Manual

This Workshop Manual has been prepared to provide servicing personnel with information on the mechanism, service and maintenance of KUBOTA Tractor BX24, KUBOTA Rotary Mower RCK60B-23BX, RCK54P-23BX, RCK54-23BX, KUBOTA Front Loader LA240 and KUBOTA Backhoe BT601. It is divided into three parts, “General”, “Mechanism” and “Servicing” for each section.
■ General
Information on the tractor identification, the general precautions, maintenance check list, check and maintenance and special tools are described.
■ Mechanism
Information on the construction and function are included. This part should be understood before proceeding with troubleshooting, disassembling and servicing.
Refer to Diesel Engine / Tractor Mechanism Workshop Manual (Code No. 9789701873 / 97897-18200) for the one which has not been described to this workshop manual.
■ Servicing
Information on the troubleshooting, servicing specification lists, tightening torque, checking and adjusting, disassembling and assembling and servicing which cover procedures, precautions, factory specifications and allowable limits.
All information illustrations and specifications contained in this manual are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication.

Oil Clearance between Crankpin and Crankpin Bearing  KUBOTA Tractor BX24
1. Clean the crankpin and crankpin bearing.
2. Put a strip of plastigage on the center of the crankpin.
3. Install the connecting rod cap and tighten the connecting rod screws to the specified torque, and remove the cap again.
4. Measure the amount of the flattening with the scale, and get the oil clearance.
5. If the oil clearance exceeds the allowable limit, replace the crankpin bearing.
6. If the same size bearing is useless because of the crankpin wear, replace it with an undersize one referring to the table and figure.
• Never insert the plastigage into the crankpin oil hole.
• Be sure not to move the crankshaft while the connecting rod screws are tightened.

  • Workshop Manual
    Group 1 Precautions for disassembling and
    Group 2 Tightening Torque
    Group 3 Painting
    Group 4 Bleeding Air from Hydraulic Oil Tank
    Group 1 Cab
    Group 2 Counterweight
    Group 3 Main Frame
    Group 4 Pump Device
    Group 5 Control Valve
    Group 6 Swing Device
    Group 7 Pilot Valve
    Group 8 Pilot Shut-Off Valve
    Group 9 Signal Control Valve
    Group 10 Travel Shockless Valve
    Group 11 Solenoid Valve
    Group 12 Pilot Relief Valve
    Group 13 Steering Valve
    Group 14 Brake Valve
    Group 15 Accumulator Charging Valve
    Group 16 Transmission Control Valve
    Group 1 Swing Bearing
    Group 2 Travel Motor
    Group 3 Center Joint
    Group 4 Transmission
    Group 5 Axle
    Group 6 Axle Lock Cylinder
    Group 7 Operate-Check Valve
    Group 8 Propeller Shaft
    Group 1 Front Attachment
    Group 2 Cylinder
    Group 3 Hose-Rupture Safety Valve
    Group 4 Operate-Check Valve

    Service Manual (Troubleshooting)
    Group 1 Introduction
    Group 2 Standard
    Group 3 Engine Test
    Group 4 Tractor Test
    Group 5 Component Test
    Group 6 Adjustment
    Group 1 General
    Group 2 Component Layout
    Group 3 Troubleshooting A
    Group 4 Troubleshooting B
    Group 5 Troubleshooting C
    Group 6 Electrical System Inspection
    Group 7 ICX


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