Hitachi ZX470H GI Excavator Service Manual

Hitachi ZX470H GI Excavator Service Manual


The manual is applicable for the ZX470H GI Hitachi Excavator Model

Format: PDF
Language: English
Service Manual consists of the following:

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Hitachi ZX470H GI Excavator Service Manual

The manual is applicable for the ZX470H Hitachi Excavator Model

Format: PDF
Language: English
Service Manual consists of the following:

For Model ZAXIS ZX470H as mentioned above:

Service Manual (Troubleshooting) : 443 Pages
Service Manual (Operation) :  365 Pages
Workshop Manual :  878 Pages

SI Units (International System of Units) are used in those manual.

 Manual guide composition

Hitachi ZX470H GI service manual consists of the Operating, Troubleshooting and the Workshop Manual.

  • Information included in the Service Manual: Technical information needed for redelivery and delivery, operation and activation of all devices and systems, operational performance tests, and troubleshooting procedures.
  • Information included in the Workshop Manual: Technical information needed for maintenance and repair of the machine, tools and devices needed for maintenance and repair, maintenance standards, and removal / installation and assemble / disassemble procedures.

To avoid injury and damage refer to the service manual and be sure to use appropriate lifting techniques and equipment when lifting heavy parts.

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Precautions for Using Floating Seal Extract:
1. In general, replace the floating seal with a new one after disassembling. If the floating seal is required to be reused, follow these procedures:
– Keep seal rings together as a matched set with seal ring (1) surfaces together. Apply oil onto sliding surface (e) of seal ring (1).
– Check sliding surface (e) of seal ring (1) for scuffing, scoring, corrosion, deformation, or uneven wear. Check the step part of seal ring (1).
– Check O-ring (2) for tears, breaks, deformation, or hardening.

2. If incorrectly assembled, oil leakage or damage will occur. Be sure to do the following to prevent trouble.
– Clean the floating seal and seal mounting bores with cleaning solvent.
Use a wire brush to remove mud, rust, or dirt from seal mounting bores. After cleaning, thoroughly dry
parts with compressed air.
– Clean seal ring (1) and O-ring (2) mounting bores.
Check the bore surface for scuffing or scoring by touching the surface with finger.
– After installing the floating seal, check that O-ring (2) is not twisted, and that it is installed correctly on seal ring (1).
– After installing the floating seal, check that O-ring (2) and seal ring sliding surface (e) is parallel with seal mating surface (f ) by measuring the distances (e) and (f ) at point (A) and (B), as illustrated. If these distances differ, correct O-ring (2) seating

  • Workshop Manual
    Group 1 Precautions for Disassembling and Assembling
    Group 2 Tightening Torque
    Group 3 Painting
    Group 4 Bleeding Air from Hydraulic Oil Tank
    Group 5 Hydraulic Circuit Pressure Release Procedure
    Group 6 Preparation
    Group 1 Upperstructure
    Group 2 Undercarriage
    Group 3 Attachment
    Group 1 Cab
    Group 2 Counterweight
    Group 3 Main Frame
    Group 4 Engine
    Group 5 Radiator
    Group 6 Hydraulic Oil Tank
    Group 7 Fuel Tank
    Group 8 Pump Device
    Group 9 Control Valve
    Group 10 Swing Device
    Group 11 Pilot Valve
    Group 12 Solenoid Valve
    Group 13 Signal Control Valve
    Group 14 Shockless Valve
    Group 1 Swing Bearing
    Group 2 Travel Device
    Group 3 Center Joint
    Group 4 Track Adjuster
    Group 5 Front Idler
    Group 6 Upper and Lower Roller
    Group 7 Track
    Group 1 Front Attachment
    Group 2 Cylinder
    SECTION 6 Engine

    Service Manual (Troubleshooting)
    Group 1 Introduction
    Group 2 Standard
    Group 3 Engine Test
    Group 4 Excavator Test
    Group 5 Component Test
    Group 6 Adjustment
    Group 1 Diagnosing Procedure
    Group 2 Monitor
    Group 3 e-Service
    Group 4 Component Layout
    Group 5 Troubleshooting A
    Group 6 Troubleshooting B
    Group 7 Air Conditioner

    Service Manual (Operational Principle)
    Group 1 Specification
    Group 2 Component Layout
    Group 3 Component Specifications
    Group 1 Controller
    Group 2 Control System
    Group 3 Hydraulic System
    Group 4 Electrical System
    Group 1 Pump Device
    Group 2 Swing Device
    Group 3 Control Valve
    Group 4 Pilot Valve
    Group 5 Travel Device
    Group 6 Signal Control Valve
    Group 7 Others (Upperstructure)
    Group 8 Others (Undercarriage)


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