Hitachi ZW140, ZW150 Wheel Loader Service Repair Manual


Wheel Loader ZW140, ZW150 Workshop Manual : Vol. No.W4FC-E-00 (454 Pages)

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Hitachi ZW140, ZW150 Wheel Loader Service Manual

The manual is applicable for the Hitachi ZW140, ZW150 Wheel Loader Model

Format: PDF
Language: English
Service Manual consists of the following:

For Model ZW140, ZW150 as mentioned above:

Workshop Manual : Vol. No.W4FC-E-00 (454 Pages)

Table of Content of the Workshop Manual

Group 1 Precautions for disassembling
and Assembling
Group 2 Tightening
Group 3 Painting
Group 4 Bleeding Air from Hydraulic Oil
Group 1 Cab
Group 2 Counterweight
Group 3 Center Hinge
Group 4 Hydraulic Oil Tank
Group 5 4-Unit Gear Pump
Group 6 Control Valve
Group 7 Pilot Valve
Group 8 Pilot Shut-Off Valve
Group 9 Fan Pump
Group 10 Fan Motor
Group 1 Tire
Group 2 HST Pump
Group 3 HST Motor
Group 4 Transmission
Group 5 Axle
Group 6 Propeller Shaft
Group 7 Brake Valve
Group 8 Charging Block
Group 9 Steering Valve
Group 10 Steering Cylinder
Group 11 Priority Valve
Group 1 Front Attachment
Group 2 Cylinder

Manual guide composition

Hitachi ZAXIS ZW140, ZW150 service manual consists of the Troubleshooting and the Workshop Manual.

  • Information included in the Service Manual: Technical information needed for redelivery and delivery, operation and activation of all devices and systems, operational performance tests, and troubleshooting procedures.
  • Information included in the Workshop Manual: Technical information needed for maintenance and repair of the machine, tools and devices needed for maintenance and repair, maintenance standards, and removal / installation and assemble / disassemble procedures.

Periodic Replacement Parts
In order to ensure safe operation, conduct periodic inspection of the machine.In order to ensure safe operation further, conduct periodic replacement of the parts below specially related to safety.
Theses parts deteriorate, fatigue and weaken with time.
This may cause serious personal/impersonal hazard.
As it is very difficult to gauge remnant life of these parts according to driving sensation or appearance inspection , replace them with the new ones regardless of defect in the interval.
If any of these parts are found to be defective according to periodic inspection

Hydraulic System Pump Suction hose and Delivery hose replace every 2 years



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