BT VR Vector Truck Repair Service Manual


BT VR Vector Truck Service Manual: 372 Pages

Publication 174803-040
English 2001
Format: PDF




BT VR Vector Truck Manual

Truck Model: VR Vector
Publication 174803-040
English 2001
Format: PDF

BT VR Vector Truck Service Manual: 372 Pages

Truck Manual Table of Content:

  • General product information
  • Technical data
  • Maintenance
  • Oil and Grease
  • Drive unit
  • Brake
  • Display
  • Hydraulic
  • Wheels
  • Steering
  • Electrical

BT VR is developed to meet the market’s increased demands for efficient material handling equipment and high performance, good ergonomics and reliability.

BT VR is easy to manoeuvre in and out of warehouse aisles. It has a powerful drive motor which combined with the rigid mast provides safe and effective handling at high heights. This results in high performance and low handling costs.

BTs series of narrow aisle trucks are designed for the handling of pallets indoors in narrow aisle warehouses. The trucks are operated with the driver seated in a protected and ergonomic operator position. The operator’s position can easily be adapted so that a good working position and a view of the load are comfortable and safe. They are available in different size categories and have a standard lifting capacity of up to 1500 kg and lifting height of up to 11 m.

The truck has a 48V electrical system. The travel and lifting speeds are regulated by means of a transistor controller to provide smooth driving. The travel function and the different hydraulic functions have additional controls which further enhance these features. Different speeds, fork movement and steering can be set using parameters to give the best possible individual setting for the functions.
By equipping the truck with different accessories its efficiency and safety can be increased over and above its already high standard.



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